1. One of our Investment Advisors will arrange a one-on-one meeting with you in a personalized atmosphere where we will present our highest quality investment opportunities.

  2. You will be presented with all of the required documentation enabling you to make an informed, educated decision.

  3. At this point, we would recommend that you review all details with your attorney and accountant.

  4. Once you have completed your due diligence and have decided to invest, you would need to provide us with a completed copy of the required fund documentation.

  5. Bank wire instruction are available to allow you to directly fund your investment.

  6. Dual City Investments will provide quarterly updates regarding your investment portfolio.



  • The first phase is to identify an investment property that meets our performance criteria.


  • If interested, we then submit a letter of intent (LOI) and negotiate price and terms with property owners.


  • We conduct all due diligence and required inspections.


  • All financing and funding decisions are made and any renovations completed.


  • Property management is determined and reviewed weekly.

Fund Acquisition Criteria

Our overall strategy is to acquire moderate to high cash flowing assets or transform and sell real estate assets that have significant value creation potential over a 3 to 5 year individual project life-cycle. We employ moderate amounts of leverage to increase yields to investors while mitigating the downside risks inherent in any real estate investment. Typical projects will include office, multi-family, self storage, and mixed-use, including portions of retail, which are underperforming the market. Through disciplined underwriting and superior execution of each project’s operational plan we realize above market growth in net operating income.


Our projects are evaluated and capital is stacked in such a way as to provide a balance between expected return and staying power in the event economic conditions deteriorate. Leverage is used prudently to enhance returns to equity, while keeping loan to value and debt service ratios at moderate levels. An important component of our risk management strategy is diversification – by property type and geography. It also involves sourcing projects in “non-traditional” market segments, avoiding the wild swings associated with “faddish” markets.


Cautious Opportunistic Approach

Investing in markets and assets that we feel are resistant to downturns in the real estate market.


South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio

Operational Efficiency

In-house management, facilitates efficiencies that maximize value creation over the asset hold period. Intensive management to strive to maximize value creation through local market knowledge in select markets and assets.

Cash Flowing Assets

We expect returns, on stabilized assets, of approximately 9%  cash on cash with a target IRR of 15%.

Value Add Assets

Single properties and portfolios requiring restructuring, repositioning and/or redevelopment opportunities.



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