5 Tips for Smarter Real Estate Investing

Do your own research and verify everything

Don’t buy a deal off of a broker’s offering memorandum or what the seller tells you. Verify all pertinent information of the deal and do your own due diligence. It is essentially on you, as the investor or sponsor, if you miss something and/or things go wrong.

Pray for sun but plan for rain

Every deal has its own intricacies you can’t anticipate or uncover in due diligence. Allow for contingencies and expect curveballs. If a deal only works if things go perfectly as planned, then in our experience, that deal probably doesn’t work realistically.

Have a team

We believe strongly in having a support team to help navigate the challenges of commercial real estate. Your team can include but is not limited to partners, management, attorneys, accountants, etc. No matter what you may have heard, most commercial real estate is not passive mailbox money and even Batman needs a Robin.

There is no perfect deal

You can poke holes in every deal, and if you wait for the perfect deal, you won’t ever buy anything. Find the issues, and some of those should deter you from pursuing an investment opportunity, and for others you have to have contingency strategies for–and get comfortable with–a level of downside risk. If the upside is worth it, and you can live with your perceived downside risk, then pull the trigger.

Investing in commercial real estate can be very lucrative but not always

From what we usually see on social media or podcasts, it seems like everyone in commercial real estate just makes a ton of money and doesn’t have to do any real work. This is a falsity. Investing in commercial real estate can be lucrative, but you can also lose all your equity–even more if using leverage–and owning commercial real estate is definitely work no matter how passive the investment looks initially.

Conclusively, do your research, lean on your team, find the issues and plan for contingencies, and if you can get comfortable with the deal, then jump in!



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